Artificial Fake Rock making Information Sheet

making artificial fake rock
...keep your designs as simple as possible because in reality simplicity will always be more satisfying and look far more natural as a result.

artificial rock plantings
"Rock Huggers" - Companion Planting

Widely featured on lifestyle shows, including Burke's Backyard, Better Homes and Gardens and Our House.

How to make artificial rock.

" Guide to Sourcing Materials" for artificial fake rock making materials

One of your most resourceful and helpful guides to finding the majority of materials used to make life like fake rock as shown on our artificial rock making DVD's is the internet.
There are some materials that may go under a trade name difference depending on the country. A list of trade material names is set out so that you will know what you are looking for and what name to type into a search engine to track down product in your vicinity.

A Detailed guide to sourcing materials for making fake artificial rocks, hollow rocks,waterfalls and staircases step treads and stepping stones inc masterclass in colour finishes comes with all DVD's
We have posted the "Guide to Sourcing Materials Below"
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With our dvd's you can achieve exactly what you see at our site with little practice.
The 25 years of experience and trade secrets has been explained in plain english and easy to follow tutorials DVD guides.

EZY PLIERS EZY CLIPS in Australia are known as Maspro pliers and clips and are available from most produce stores and some Hardwares. They are also known as Hog Tie Pliers and clips in the U.S.. Other names "wire clip pliers" "wire net pliers" Pliers are used to clip two pieces of wire together with a "C" shaped clip, You can also use plastic wire ties used in the Electrical and Car industry to pull wires together very cheap sold in bundles at auto stores. Or sew them on used a shade cloth needle. Note all of these methods work well and where we can save you money on
materials we will to make your Rock making as inexpensive as we can without loosing the integrity of the finished product

pliers and C clippliers and clip


  • Make a habit of reading the safety instructions on the packaging of purchased products.

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