Make your own Artificial Rock Waterfalls Ponds and Water Features in Fake or Faux Rock.

Create your own
backyard waterfall resort style paradise!

On the following pages discover artificial rock waterfalls, water features from layout to finish a variety of original artificial rock and fake rock water features waterfalls and ponds. Make your own water wise outdoor or indoor water feature designed to save water.

Make artificial rock Waterfalls DVD Video

artificial rock simulated creek


Two Artificial rock simulated creeks pour gentle streams of water into a shotcreted but cleverly disguised feature garden pond. On one side the concrete pond is a coping of handmade fake rock edging boulders and the other side a river stone beach and a lawn edge to compliment the setting.

fake rock pond area The next four pictures show the project from the layout stage to the finished artificial rock and water feature .

This yard started out as part desert. The idea was to build a pond at the lowest point of the existing landform and retain the bare bank in solid artificial rock and then plant it out.

faux rock pond Over the next month the transformation took shape, placing the pond you would expect to find one ie at the lowest point of the land level and then working out from that space with the structural landscaping.

fake rock  pond The pond is getting a final cleaning before filling it with water. The waterproofing membrane used is butyl rubber pond liner. Over and around the liner is a combination of solid artificial rock, hollow fake rock with openings for the reticulated water to enter the pond. Pieces of real quarry stone and interspersed river stone completes the picture. The pump used is an external pump housed underneath the large hollow replica boulder to the far left in the picture.

artificial rock and water feature

This image was taken fourteen months after the artificial rock and water feature was completed. The change from the former desert like appearance to the exquisite setting it is now becoming is nothing short of remarkable.
Just imagine this your backyard artificial rock waterfall water feature that you have created!
As we have found people might not believe you that there standing on Fake or Faux Artificial Rock!

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5 DVD Pack Plus Download Staircases Manual
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Guide to sourcing materials for artificial rock making come with all DVD's
Where to buy supplies off the shelf in your region
No special tool's or expensive moulds to buy!
1/4 of the price of real rock and no heavy machinery

With our "How to Make a Backyard Waterfall and Water feature in Artificial Rock DVD"
you will be able to make the Waterfall and Water features you see in our images.

Description: Waterfalls demonstrates the building of a compact Waterfall in a home backyard.
The construction method uses recycled rubble and rock spall found onsite and the
Solid Rock making Techniques.

How to Make A Backyard Waterfalls and Water Feature in Artificial Rock

This DVD includes siting and the setting out of a small to medium pond, using and laying Butyl Rubber lining to waterproof the pond, setting out the Waterfall and top water catchments plus decorative works in and around the pond. Just apply the same methods to larger projects.

  • You will need to view the DVD title How to make Artificial Rocks and Garden Boulders first before the Waterfall DVD to understand the full step by step procedures to making solid rock. Waterfalls does not go into the full detail of building solid rock but concentrates on the positioning and combinations of the artificial rock to create a unique water feature.

    Widely featured on lifestyle shows, including Burke's Backyard, Better Homes and Gardens and Our House.

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