How to Make a Backyard Waterfall and Water feature
in Artificial Rock

On this page we look at two ends of the artificial rock spectrums in regards to size and complexity. Both projects are in domestic yards and both have used solid fake and faux rockmaking to great effect.

Make Waterfalls DVD Video

backyard waterfall

A small backyard waterfall, artificial rock water cascade has been crafted to fit snuggly into what was a former nondescript slope. Our artificial rock making techniques open up all sought of home garden and landscaping possibilities. The construction of this fake rock water feature is shown in step by step detail in the DVD titled:

" How to Make a Backyard Waterfall and Water feature in Artificial Rock"

large waterfall construction

This very sizeable and steep slope is about to have a makeover with an artificial rock waterfall about to appear. To the bottom right is the outline of a concrete slab on which two water catchment ponds are to be constructed. The white pipe in the foreground is placed into position and water will be pumped to a top fake rock entry pond some 20ft or 6 metres above the pump station.

waterfall holding pond

This image gives a very good look at the idea of artificial rock sculpting where the faux solid rock making and concrete rock technique comes into its own. The fake rock creek and large hand formed boulders are combined together as the building process develops. The basis of the rock construction method is to start at the bottom and work upwards.

waterfall and causeway

This downward view shows the method of joining the artificial waterfall and causeway structure to the first entry pond. The overhangs over which the water flow will enter the pond are slabs of recycled sandstone glued onto the surface of the double brick course. Only one third of the slabs proportion hangs over the edge to prevent any collapse or over balance. The slabs are then mortar coated with the artificial rock shaping, texturing and colour finishing techniques with ends up looking like a very real looking natural rock overhang.

realistic fake rock waterfall

The final result some 18 months after construction is nothing short of amazing. An incredibly realistic home fake rock waterfall aided in its appearance by the introduction of plantings, tree logs and some local pieces of round basalt stones to complete a picture that will keep changing in its natural look and beauty as the planting grows and the native wildlife enjoys a new home
and refuge.

With our "How to Make a Backyard Waterfall and Water feature in Artificial Rock DVD"
you will be able to make the Waterfall and Water features you see in our images.

Description: Waterfalls demonstrates the building of a compact Waterfall in a home backyard.
The construction method uses recycled rubble and rock spall found onsite and the
*Solid Rock making Techniques.

How to Make A Backyard Waterfall and Water Feature in Artificial Rock

This DVD includes siting and the setting out of a small to medium pond, using and laying Butyl Rubber lining to waterproof the pond, setting out the Waterfall and top water catchments plus decorative works in and around the pond.

  • You will need to view the DVD title How to make Artificial Rocks and Garden Boulders first before the Waterfall DVD to understand the full step by step procedures to making solid rock. Artificial Rock Waterfalls does not go into the full detail of building solid rock but concentrates on the positioning and combinations of the artificial rock to create a unique water feature.

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