This page continues with more artificial rock waterfalls landscape ideas for constructing and completing simulated water feature projects in the solid and hollow framed artificial rock methods.
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Make Waterfalls DVD Video

artificial rock methods built by school students

This serene setting is the result of working with high school students to create an "outdoor biological classroom" for the study in particular of breeding frogs in artificial ponds naturalistic setting within the confines of a space between adjoining science study classrooms. The area features a sealed concrete mini lake, tropical plantings and the combination of a hollow artificial rock waterfall and solid fake garden boulders.

fake rock water feature beginning

This series of four shots is a fake rock water feature constructed in a small courtyard space. A pre-fab sand coated fiberglass pond has been utilized and is excellent for a
safe and sure water catchment and with the sand coating it is easy to coat the pond in a simulated faux rock surface which is done for this design.

fake rock water feature construction

The second image shows the ledging structure of the future fake rock is taking shape by laying thin pieces of slab rock on top of each other and cementing them together.
At this stage the reticulation poly pipe has been fed up the back of the joined rock pieces to the desired height that the water is to cascade from.

fake rock water feature overhang

The third image reveals that the fiberglass pond has been removed while the concrete impregnated recycled rubble used to form a future artificial garden boulder is allowed
set and harden.

fake rock water feature finished

The fourth image shows the just finished result, a fake rock like catchment pond and artificial stone and boulder water feature tailor made to fit neatly into the available space
and terrain.

With our "How to Make a Backyard Waterfall and Water feature in Artificial Rock DVD"
you will be able to make the Waterfall and Water features you see in our images.

Description: Waterfalls demonstrates the building of a compact Waterfall in a home backyard.
The construction method uses recycled rubble and rock spall found onsite and the
*Solid Rock making Techniques.

How to Make A Backyard Waterfall and Water Feature in Artificial Rock

This DVD includes siting and the setting out of a small to medium pond, using and laying Butyl Rubber lining to waterproof the pond, setting out the Waterfall and top water catchments plus decorative works in and around the pond.

  • You will need to view the DVD title How to make Artificial Rocks and Garden Boulders first before the Waterfall DVD to understand the full step by step procedures to making solid rock. Backyard Waterfalls does not go into the full detail of building solid rock but concentrates on the positioning and combinations of the artificial rock to create a unique water feature.

  • Widely featured on lifestyle shows, including Burke's Backyard, Better Homes and Gardens and Our House.

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