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Welcome to How to Make Fake Rocks

Artificial rocks! The premiere online educational center dedicated to teaching the wonderful art of artificial rock making via DVD’s.

Artificial Rock and Fake Rock making.

Make your own Professional looking artificial rock, including;
Staircases, Step Treads, Hollow Garden Boulders, Waterfalls, Water features and Solid Artificial Rocks and Garden Boulders.
Our how to make artificial rocks DVD’s cover all in great detail and methods are based on recycling materials when possible.

Get exactly the rock size and shape that you want.

Please have a good look through the site and feel Free to use our artificial garden rock design  idea’s.
If you have any question please contact Dan.
I’m happy to help.

“If you can make it then please do not take it”
It is Illegal to remove rock from natural bushland.

From the amount of feedback from our customers over the years that we have been very successful in teaching our techniques onto our selection of Artificial Rock making DVD’s.


artificial rock base - rubble for making fake rocks
From This
artificial rock and boulders
to this…
artificial rock garden - artificial rocks
and artificial rocks like this!

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Our Methods

Our methods were originally designed for the home DIY person which meant basic materials could be in one form or another found in most countries. The methods also needed to be adaptable so people could try out their own design ideas, the tools for making artificial rock to be simple and that over all it would inexpensive to make their own artificial and fake rock landscape.

One of the great pleasures in building your own handcrafted artificial rocks is a bit of research. Taking the time to see how nature puts its natural rocks together is a valuable resource and learning experience.

You can do this too !

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All the plants are real, but what about the rock?
This is an example of some solid fake artificial handmade garden rocks and steps … Imagine that !

The outstanding advantages of designing and making your own concrete rocks  are cost effectiveness. Make rocks to suit your own time frame and creative vision, no expensive tools or special materials required to be able to get the sort of unique handmade rock garden and landscape settings that you desire. I know many people would just love to be able to achieve whatever rock features you see on this site, and with little practice its all possible.

Our ‘make your own artificial garden rock’ is a relatively straight forward process and a surprisingly simple. It does not restrict a person from successfully making fabulous rocks even with limited hands on building experience. And creating   artificial fake rock is great fun and extremely rewarding, as results can come to hand very quickly.

Make your own rock landscape using faux rock, rocks, boulders, fake rock and artificial rock. Design the ideal landscape you've always wanted!

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