Masterclass in Colour Highlighting and Finishes


How to create the rock colour for you artificial rock projects



Masterclass in Colour Highlighting and Finishes fake rocks

Over the years. Our do it yourself educational DVD’s have been widely acclaimed. Also acknowledged for their ability to give people what they were hoping to discover.  A way to make authentic artificial rock without the construction complexities. Expensive materials normally attached as well as empowering you with the potential to create a wide variety of stunning works. All in the comfort of your own environment without costing an arm or a leg.

The Colour Finishes title is a combination of many years practice and experimentation. Resulting in a DVD that reveals the very best of those techniques in concise detail to produce the very best in realistic artificial rock surface finishes. Whether you have already been practicing Rock making or are about to start this DVD is an absolute must for what it can teach you in this special art.

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